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RAPE ME OF MY INNOCENCE - Blood Whores-R-Us [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Blood Whores-R-Us

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RAPE ME OF MY INNOCENCE [Mar. 23rd, 2005|06:17 pm]
Blood Whores-R-Us



rape me of my innocence and dont pretend you care. because when i need you,you are never truely there.
rape me of my happiness and replace the love inside. all my feelings,hopes and dreams all opinions you love to deride.
rape me of my youthfulness and make me old and gray.
rape me of my laughter and make it go away
rape me of my joy and replace it with cries of pain.
rape me of my innocence,rape me once again. all this time i thought you were my friend.
beat me,fuck me,caress me,molest me. violate me,take me,hate me forever and a day.
can you see the pain inside which will never go away?
so rape me of my eternal youth and replace it with futile dreams.
invade my thoughts and replace them with empty promises.
drive the knife deep in my flesh and penetrate my emptiness.
whip me,beat me,flay the flesh right off my back. look at me with eyes full of tenderness.
watch as the blood pours out of my veins look at me with eyes so deranged.
cut my wrists tonight and watch as they slowly bleed. lap the blood as it flows out my veins
drink the lifeblood until only plasma remains. watch as my blood stains the carpet below
do something,anything to make me whole.
sever my artery's until the blood squirts like a crimson geyser.
your thinking all the while that you couldnt be any nicer.
kill me because im worthless. fuck me because you can. hurt me because your good at it.
use me like a drug addict. become addicted to my poison. become addicted to my taste. lap as the warm blood curdles in my veins. drain me of my happiness treat me so obscene. rape me of my tenderness life is but a dream. life is but a passing thought. a highway leading to nowhere and everywhere all at once.
please do me a favor just this once. rape me of my innocence.take me once again. take the breath from my lungs till only blasphemy remains. rub your tender hands down the small of my back and then reach in and rip out my heart like a heart attack. watch as my heart pulsates in your hand then bite into it savagely. feeling the rich blood as it drips down your vile face,all the while cherishing the taste.. rip out my vocal cord's till i can no longer scream. rip out my eyes till i can no longer see. rape me of my innocence and leave me vunerable once again. im perfect yet worthless.im jaded yet my soul yield's a beautiful fragrance.
it smells of blood and ashes. it smells of broken dreams. it smells of alabaster and milk with honey so sweet. it smells of warmth and yet decay. break me until i say. rape me of my innocence
rape me of my passions. rob me of my joy,make me a fucking useless toy.
put your knife at my throat. cut and then sit there and gloat. as the blood pours off my body like a scarlet rain till im in a land where i can feel no pain. i have nothing left to lose and yet nothing left to gain. no matter what happens i shall never be the same.
so rape me oh so savagely. scream my name again. take my pain deep inside and use it once again.
caress me,molest me,use me,abuse me. pyschotic,elusive,broken,inconclusive, destructive,corruptive,
corrosive,deluded,unstable,not able to breath again.